Valley of the Sun

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What started out as Chris Burney’s demo tape was the fuel that fired the Sun to get off the ground. The Sun, a garage rock four-piece with a slick, gritty style formed a band in their Midwest living quarters in 2001. Burney (vocals/guitar), New Bomb Turks drummer Sam Brown, and the Floatation Walls’ Carlos Avendano connected in St. Louis, tinkering around, but left for the comfort of college. Each had a brief stay at Ohio State in Columbus, but they dropped out to make music their full time gig. By this time, Brad Forsblom, Avendano’s pal from the Floatation Walls, joined the Sun. They connected with Wilco’s Jay Bennett through Burney’s buddy Tim Easton shortly thereafter and began recording in Los Angeles. A tour of the States gave the Sun great exposure, however Avendano fell ill upon arriving in Detroit; Bryan Arendt stepped in to play bass. A deal with Warner Bros. came in August 2002 and the Sun’s debut EP Love & Death appeared in February 2003. The band’s first full-length album, Blame It on the Youth, followed two years later. ~ MacKenzie Wilson