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Completely free

Songwhip doesn’t cost a penny to use and is login free. Create your first link today and get sharing in seconds.

Playable by everyone

Songwhip links include all major music services. With YouTube, even people without a music subscription can listen.

Location aware

We detect your visitors’ country and route them to their local store front. This means they won’t end up in the wrong store.

Performance optimized

Fast and simple links open your music directly in your listeners’ favourite music app.


Songwhip links work on every mobile, tablet, desktop, across all browsers and operating systems.


Get insights on how your links are performing, and what are the top music services used by your audience.

How it works

Songwhip finds your song on all the major music platforms and creates a single link that you can share with your audience.

When fans land on your Songwhip page they can jump straight into their favourite app, so you get more people streaming your music. Everybody wins!

Music platforms

Songwhip integrates with the world's top 14 music platforms, so you can reach the widest audience possible with a single link.

Apple Music
YouTube Music
Google Play Music