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Songwhip is easy to use and I love the clean look. Links load super fast. In seconds I can send my fans to their platform of choice. Totally recommend if you're looking for a smart solution for sharing your work!

After struggling to find the perfect smart music link, we finally found @songwhip! This means it will be easier for you to find our music on your favourite platform!

Songwhip is such an amazing platform for independent artists as it makes it super easy for anyone to find out our story, listen to our music, and see where we can be reached and followed.

Big shouts to @songwhip! These guys really came thru for me. Can’t thank you enough. A great streamlined one stop shop for all your links to your content as an artist 💪🏾

On every release day, the first thing I do is grab my Songwhip link. It's great to share your music with this amazing tool … your fans will find your song on the streaming platform they use.

In an independent world Songwhip has been priceless. It’s an excellent tool for having all my music and streaming platforms on one landing page. Very easy for folks to find my music no matter how they listen.

Songwhip is the best platform to get shortcut links for your music! It’s so easy to figure out and even easier for your fans to access after you share the link. I always go to Songwhip to curate my custom link when I drop new music!

Songwhip is wonderful in that it allows fans the opportunity to come to one place to find our entire catalogue, no matter how they listen to music. It’s a service I will continue to use as long as I’m playing music.

Amazingly valuable tool to share my music on every platform. Easier for my fans & more profitable for me! My go to tool for all releases. I highly recommend Songwhip to ALL artists!

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  • Music links can change as music gets distributed across all platforms. We rescan at least every 7 days to ensure that your page is always showing the most up to date links.

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