Songwhip FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Songwhip

How does Songwhip work?

When you create an Artist, Album or Song page, Songwhip goes off and fetches all the data it can find about the given item and makes you a shiny landing page with links to all the major platforms. This page is specifically designed to get your fans into their favourite music app as fast as possible.

Sharing a Songwhip page instead of a single platform link will dramatically increase your chances of people playing, saving and sharing your music ๐Ÿš€

My page has links to another artist with the same name

Conflicts and mixups are common when two or more artists have the same name. It's almost impossible for a robot to tell the difference. In this case you can reach out to me and I'll manually fix any incorrect links for you. Please provide the correct links if you want a speedy turnaround ๐Ÿ™‚

Where does the background image on my page come from?

The image is sourced from one of the services where we found matching links. This is usually Apple Music as they offer the best quality artwork, but we we fallback to images from Spotify and other services if need be. We don't currently support the changing of images, the only way to do it currently is to change the artwork at the final service (eg. Apple Music).

Do you have a native app? Why aren't you in the app store?

I'm only a one-man-band and I'm already spread super thin. The web experience offers the widest reach as it'll run on any device. Some power users may like an app on their home-screen or be able to have Songwhip as a share target, but I can't justify the investment/maintenance that supporting two more apps would bring.

On Android does behave as an 'Installable Web App'. To install Songwhip to your home-screen visit in Chrome and find the 'Install' button in Chrome's menu. If you visit regularly you may be prompted to install. This not only adds the nice shiny Songwhip icon to your home-screen, it also puts Songwhip as a share target app. This means you can share directly from an app like Spotify to Songwhip ๐Ÿ’ช

On iOS many Songwhip power users use 'Shortcuts' to create Songwhip pages directly from their music apps.

I haven't released on all services yet, will my Songwhip page update?

Yes. Songwhip pages update automatically every 7 days (or sooner). If you'd like me to manually trigger a refresh you can reach out to me

How much does Songwhip cost?

Songwhip is a completely free service supported by donations. It's run by a one person: Wilson.

How do I 'upload' my music to Songwhip?

Songwhip doesn't host music in any way, it's simply a tool for routing fans to their preferred music app ASAP. If your music is hosted on one of the major streaming music platforms you can use Songwhip. See the Creating Links pages for more information.

Why are my links missing some services?

This is usually due to Songwhip not being able to find a match for the given Artist, Album or Song. If you believe that it's an error on our end, please reach out to me.

Why is Songwhip free?

Songwhip is designed and built by one person: Wilson; because of this costs are very low. Songwhip generates a small amount of revenue from donations, affiliate commission (via Amazon & Apple Music) and sponsored messages. These contributions help cover server costs and pay Wilson a small salary.

Once Songwhip Pro is released it'll provide another revenue stream that will help fund the project further.

Can I embed Songwhip pages in my website?

Yes, it's possible to embed your Songwhip page via an iframe like:

<iframe src="YOUR_SONGWHIP_PAGE_LINK" width="โ€ฆ" height="โ€ฆ" /> 

This solution is more of a 'stop-gap', we plan to support embedding more officially in the future.