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Kris Kelmi Soviet/Russian rock, pop musician, singer, composer, songwriter, keyboardist

b. April 21, 1955, Moscow - d. January 01, 2019, Selyatino, Moscow region, Russia

Founder of groups Садко (Sadko), Високосное лето (Visokosnoe leto), Рок-Ателье (Rock-Atelie), some time played as keyboardist in Автограф (Avtograf) group.

Kris Kelmi (real name Anatoli Arievich Kelmi (Russian: Анатолий Арьевич Кельми; 21 April 1955 – 1 January 2019) was a Soviet and Russian rock and pop musician, composer. Member groups Leap Summer, Autograph, Rock Atelier . The most well-known songs: Night Rendezvous, Closing the Ring, Tired Taxi, and many others. Most online sources indicated that Kelmi — a pseudonym, but a real musician's surname — Kalinkin. The artist denies this version. Kris took the nickname in 1972, in honor of the hero of Solaris Dr. Kris Kelvin.

Kris Kelmi died on the evening of January 1, 2019 in his home in the Moscow Oblast. The cause of death is cardiac arrest caused by alcohol abuse.

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