Interview with Jarl Far

Give an introduction to yourself, how you got into music, where you are today and where you'd like to be.

Well, I was born & raised in Montgomery, Ridgecrest, AL. Coming from a place that’s surrounded by poverty and temptation, I’ve learned to make a way out of no way. I strive to be as great as I can be because, in my neighbourhood, we never had the opportunities that could help us get to that next level. I try to inspire myself, as well as my peers, to shoot for the stars because the sky is the limit. You are your only enemy, no one can stop you from being great but yourself.

I got into music by listening to the likes of JAY-Z, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Biggie, Eminem, the list goes on. I have studied these individuals’ words and rhyme patterns my whole life. The way they structured their music made me want to create a sound of my own. Eventually, I want to be able to change my community for the better. Better academic/musical programs, more sporting events and overall better opportunities.

Tell us about your latest release, what's it about?

My latest release is called Audio Kraken. It’s a song where I talk about how I sell my music similar to a drug dealer. In this song, I’m letting the listener know that through my music I can make ends meet without going to the streets. Music consumers can’t go a day without listening to music. Just how an addict can go a day without drugs. It's all about how you pitch your product to your customer.

Jarl Far at recording studio

How did you record it?

I recorded this track at Westend Recording Studios in the Westport area of Kansas City, MO, Shoutout to Justin Mantooth. I recorded several tracks & projects with him & they always come out on the point. I strive to have the best quality possible & he always delivers! Special Thanks to you guys! Keep up the great work.

How did you distribute it?

I distribute all my music through DistroKid. They are my favourite distributor now because you can upload unlimited amounts of music & claim your Artist pages through their site.

How did you promote it?

I promote several ways through social media. Blog sites, PR companies, etc. Still learning new avenues as I go, so I can get my music heard by the right ears.

The music industry is in a state of flux right now, where do you see it heading?

I think streaming is going to play a big part in the industry going forward. More and more artists are cutting ties with physical copies such as CDs, Vinyl, etc. I think everything is going to be more digital as the year's progress.

What's the most important thing missing from Songwhip?

I think if there was a way to upload videos/visual content to the site that would help a lot. Most people to see visuals of your work. Also having a way for the fans to interact with the artist would be cool too. For example, DistroKid has a chat function where the fans can give feedback on your music.

Which artist do you look up to the most and why?

I look up to several but mostly Jay-Z. From the way he started, to what he has become is remarkable. He is my favourite artist of all time because of how he literally speaks his accomplishments into existence. He inspires me to be as great as I can be & he also showed me that patience is a virtue.

Jarl Far at recording studio

What artist tools/services can't you live without?

Headphones, microphone, pen, paper, a playlist of my favourite music, a good studio, etc. It is a lot I can name but these are what make & break me as an artist. It is a must that I have these things as an artist because I love jotting down random lines that I come up with, listening to different sounds, using different rhyme patterns etc. It is the best way of keeping myself creative.

What is your advice to other indie artists to help fund their work/produce music?

Keep grinding & never give up. Know your worth because others will try to manipulate you and use your talents for their own gains. Invest in yourself & always believe in your craft.

Anything else you'd like to plug?

Stream some Jarl Far! You will not regret it! Special shoutout to all my supporters & my team PCPG & Infinity One Collective! I could not do this without you guys!