10 things all new indie artists must do

Nada (a buddy indie artist) shares her top 10 tips to success

Hey, I am Nada Samir from Germany and these are my 10 steps to success as a new indie artist.

1. Define yourself

It’s very important to know what kind of music genre you are going or where you are attracted to. When you then know which style of music you will go to, the decision to write music or choose a beat will be easier for you.

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new

It’s ok to be different, if you’re different than you are unique, you have your own style. People will surely notice that and love how different you are.

3. Show your personality

Always focus on building your personal brand, then you can market it easily. Share your personality, a little bit about your life, and what you’re creating. Some fans will appreciate that you share your life with them and they'll feel more connected with you.

4. Write good stuff

Try to create stuff which is linked with emotional situations like what hurts you, what delights you etc. When I write songs most of them are about situations that I'm living or how I'm working through them. If you feel sad and you don’t know what to do, write something about it … voila! You see a song emerging. Sometimes I hear a beat and I start to feel or hear the emotion and then sing and write.

5. Don't give up until you break the record

Don’t listen to people if they say you are bad or you should stop your career. Just give your best, have fun and do it your own way … show them that you are awesome. Don’t lose your dream or passion because some of them are jealous. I get bullied because I make music but I don’t give up. The haters are my followers and they still like me; our best friends are haters. They make us strong and believe me they will share your music and in the end, haters will go.

6. Choose the right samples or collaborate

If you want to use music or any beats search for 'profit free beats' or ask some other people who made music. Don't be shy, perhaps they'll also want to collaborate with you?

7. Be good to each other

If you are kind, people will love you and other artists will support you. If you're mean you won't get far. Exhibit good vibes, text to your friends or fans ask them how they feel or how they are. Share beautiful moments, compliment under others' pictures or videos like: "Your eyes are beautiful", "That shot looks awesome thanks for the view".

8. The public and social media

As a musician, it's important to build an audience, I recommend you to be active on Instagram, share every day what you're doing in your story. For example, if you're working on new music, show the process or do surveys so that your followers can help guide your work. The best thing is to involve them in the creative process.

9. Promotion

Start a campaign that will help you spread your music. Either work with other musicians, they can help you to promote (promo for promo) or try paid for promotions. Use Facebook ads to direct fans to your Songwhip page.

10. Share your news

The most important thing for many fans is to be the first to know, so share your events, your next album or music on social media. Use a countdown and remind people something is coming so they can mark it in their calendar.

I hope this was helpful wish you all a lot of success in you career. I'm Nada Samir, feel listen to my music here and follow me here.