Too Short

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American rapper and producer.
Born April 28th 1966 in Los Angeles and moved to Oakland at the age of 14.
Started his rap career in the early 1980's rapping with high school friend making custom made cassette tapes (known as "special requests") which were sold on the streets.
Too Short officially released his first album in 1985 on the local Oakland record label and in 1987 signed to records. In 1988, he added the "$" to his name.
In 1996 Short moved to live in Atlanta; he has since returned to Northern California. He has released over 25 full length albums and is still active in the music industry.
Too Short was one of the first rappers to represent the 'pimp' / 'playa' lifestyle in his lyrics. The phrase "Biiiitch" is one of Short's trademarks.