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Chicago’s Resavoir are an experimental indie jazz collective led by trumpeter Will Miller, who first garnered attention with their 2019 self-titled debut.
Formed in 2018, Resavoir started out as a home-recording project helmed by trumpeter, producer, and arranger Will Miller. A graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory, the jazz-trained Miller built an eclectic array of credits prior to putting Resavoir together. A regular member of the indie rock outfit Whitney, he has also played on projects with Twin Peaks, Eryn Allen Kane, Via Rosa, and others. Miller has deep roots in the hip-hop scene as well, having worked with Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, ProbCause, A Billion Young, Rockie Fresh, Saba, and more. Drawing upon his love of psychedelic soul, as well as post-rock and avant-garde jazz influences, he began developing musical sketches that he recorded at home. He then reworked these recordings with his various Chicago associates, including harpist Brandee Younger and saxophonist Sen Morimoto, before further overdubbing and rearranging the tracks. In 2019, Miller issued the resulting Resavoir album on the International Anthem label. ~ Matt Collar