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Kirinji is a Japanese band from Sakado, Saitama, originally formed by brothers Takaki and Yasuyuki Horigome in October 1996. The two are also pursuing their own solo efforts.
In April 2013, Yasuyuki left the band to focus on his solo career. In the summer of that year, Takaki took over and continued the band with the addition of five new members under the name "KIRINJI".
On January 31, 2020, Kirinji announced the end of its current band activities. The last live performance "KIRINJI LIVE 2020" of the four-piece band was held on December 9–10, 2020, ending its eight year activity. Kirinji announced its new format will be applied after they finished the tours promoting Cherish. In the new format, the band will be active as a variable music group, including the past band members, centering on Takaki Horigome.

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