Human Resource

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Dutch Hardcore-Techno / Hardcore-Gabber group established in 1990 by Robert Mahu & Johan van Beek. Later joined by keyboardists Jasper Drexhage and Guido Pernet (also MC), as well as by rapper and former professional basketball player Larenzo Nash. All came from Ridderkerk, The Netherlands.
In 1992 Van Beek left without being replaced. Soon after rapper Marvin D (2) (aka Marvin Tholen) became a band member but left in 1995. After Drexhage's departure over dissatisfaction with their new hardcore sound he was replaced by Sander Scheurwater. Human Resource disbanded at the end of 1990s.
In 2004 Guido Pernet formed the band once again, this time with Zenon Zevenbergen (as MC) and Maurice Steenbergen. Zevenbergen left soon after the tour in 2005. The same year they introduced the new Hardcore-Gabber music festival Dominator.