Ghost Black

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I love music and creating content. Here were going to be talking about a few things. I love Recording Music and songwriting, been doing it for years. I want to learn how to record and build my own home studio so we can be unstoppable. I Also do graphic designs for album covers, Youtube and Spotify Banners, that make you stand out from the rest. I also have a shop called Hip Hop's Top Shop on Teespring, where I designed all the T-Shirts, Hoodies. Etc. I'm also now trying to learn more about the stock market, so that's a list of things I want to cover on this channel. I love sports, like The NBA, NFL, Undisputed, and First Take. So All my videos will be about Music, Sports, Apparel, Songwriting, Stocks, and Graphic Designs. I want to thank everyone in advance who subscribe, like, comment, enjoy, and share my content with the world. I have an Amazing Wonderful Person in my life who's an Amazing Singer and Artist with an Amazing voice who the world don't know much about, but once you hear her sing, it's all over, you'll instantly be blown away by her talent, her name is Sandy Star and she's truly amazing and she makes my music come to life. She's on all streaming platforms, she's truly a Star and a Blessing. Favorite Artist: Rakim, 2pac, Eminem, Ice Cube, Scarface, Mary J, Beyonce, H.E.R., John Legend, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and many many more. Thanks You and God Bless.