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"Take It Slow, the song leaps out and captures the ear of the listener throughout."

"Makes my blood rock!" The Nastyman, radio DJ, (KIIS FM, Los Angleles), Guam, Denver (Alice FM)

"If you were forced to label Craymo’s debut album “Cosmos,” you would have a serious problem on your hands. The New York native brilliantly combines guitar driven modern rock with dance to bring forth a unique pop/punk sound that cannot be explained, but only experienced." The Industry

Craymo is a passionate singer/songwriter who brings a positive and upbeat approach to today's music. Music Connection Magazine called his first EP "moody and contemporary." Combining the sounds of guitar driven Modern Rock, Dance and Pop, Craymo weaves a blend of catchy hooks, melodies and textured harmonies that linger in your mind long after the songs are over. His influences include David Bowie, Michael Jackson, The Cars, Duran Duran, The Cure, George Michael, Morrissey, Robbie Williams, U2 and The Beatles. He recently released his first album "Cosmos" and the follow up "Cosmos (Singles and remixes") which are available for purchase on iTunes worldwide, eMusic, Rhapsody and most download sites!

The first single off the CD "Cosmos (Singles and remixes) is Passion For Fashion PFF. The song is a finalist in the international category of the 2010 Australian Music Oz Awards and already is receiving airplay in the USA, Germany and Japan.

Craymo's world peace electronic/reggae song One Love, One World, the CD's 2nd release, is a song for the children of the world and is a featured song on the United Nations project, UNESCO, Website As a result it has been performed by children's choirs at elementary schools all over the world including the USA, Canada, Australia and China. The world premiere HD music video is coming in April 2010.

Craymo was a nightclub and radio DJ for many years. Almost every day, people would come up to him and request a birthday song for their friend's birthday. That's when he decided to write a modern, danceable, birthday song for a new generation! He claims that Happy Birthday (remix) is the most danceable birthday song of all time! Craymo was a finalist for the best pop/rock song and best/pop rock male vocal categories for Happy Birthday in the Artists Undiscovered songwriting competition at and Happy Birthday (remix) was the 3rd place winner in the dance/electronic category of the 2006 Pacific Songwriting Competition in New Zealand. Happy Birthday is the theme song for the indie film Super Southern Sweet Sixteen, a parody of the MTV series and was recently featured in an episode of the Canadian reality TV series Chris And John To The Rescue.

Craymo was a Top 20 pop finalist in the 2007 Unisong Songwriting Competition. He was also a finalist in the 2007 and 2008 UK Sonwriting Competitions.

Craymo is a co-owner of Moho Productions, a music production company that produces and develops new artists that are creating a positive message and vibe. Along with their publishing companies Craymo Music, BMI and Moho Music, ASCAP, they recently licensed the theme song "Looking Good Feeling Good" in the independent film "Silly Movie 2 (Miss Castaway" starring Eric Roberts and Michael Jackson, in his final movie acting role. Craymo's songs recently licensed include his song Migraine in the indie teen film "That Darn Bear". Take It Slow in the independent film "Accidents Don't Happen (Rubbernecking)," starring Corbin Bernson and Debra Wilson of MadTV. Be My Girl in the indie film "Paper Thin Immortals." Daybreak in the indie film "Successful Failures 2."

Craymo comes from a small town in upstate New York and fell in love with songs "that take you on a journey to another place." He is a sensitive, charismatic artist whose songs speak of real life experiences and emotions. He loves performing, always reaching out to new fans.