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Dan Snaith, the Canadian musician behind the name Caribou, had already released two albums under the name Manitoba before he was served with legal papers. Unfortunately, he was faced with scrapping the title of his endeavor after "Handsome" Dick Manitoba (who fronted the Dictators) levied trademark infringement against him for the use of the shared name (despite the more authentic claim of it as the name of a Canadian province). We trust that the applied "formerly Manitoba" tag will cease as the new project unfolds and takes over. Snaith, now living in London, released the stellar The Milk of Human Kindness in 2005 under the freshly christened Caribou moniker. While earlier Manitoba releases were more directly influenced by My Bloody Valentine-type shoegazers, Caribou incorporates much more than a wall of fuzzy guitars, making good use of a playful dissonance that gives birth to new, compelling harmonies heaving with whiffs of experimental jazz, neo-folk and a lot of other noises along the way.

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