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Dec 4th, 2020 @ B1, Taipei, TW

Ariana van Gelder is a sound, installation, and performance artist specializing in viscerally immersive, deeply penetrative, sonic experiences. Conceptually, her creations explore the tenuous intimacy between artist, audience, and medium.

In its most recent incarnation, van Gelder’s live sonic practice reaches through the ether as if extending itself to envelop the listener in an embrace from within. Revolving around ever-building, real-time vocal loops, her voice glides and glistens across ten octaves, guiding the listener through a landscape that can range from near-silence to rich, rumbling waves of bass and sub-bass. As a composer with a background in theoretical physics, van Gelder has a keen interest in creating, defining, and formulating space within a space for the body through sound.

Overall, her projects center on semi-improvised performances and recordings, multimedia installations, and commissioned works. These include live-scoring, sound environments, and custom scores for video, sculpture, interactive virtual works, live acts, and all manner of physical spaces—both inside and out. She also composes and occasionally performs with piano, prepared violin, bowed glockenspiel, field recordings, pressure-driven Mylar sculpture, and just about anything else that makes sound.

An avid artist, van Gelder has performed at institutions and contributed to exhibitions both big and small in New York City, Miami, Taipei, Finland, Sri Lanka, and Poland.

You can currently catch her appearances in and around Taiwan and Asia Pacific, her temporary home away from her New York City home.

20/10 w/ Swivelized Sound - Greater Forms 9 @ 23 Music Room, Taipei, TW

28/3 ThirdSpace Sessions, Singapore (canceled due to pandemic)

27/3 RAW Art Space - Kuala Lumpur, ML (canceled due to pandemic)

25/3 Master Class @Universiti Sains Malaysia, School Of The Arts (canceled)

12/3 Master Class @ WAAPA - Edith Cowan University, Perth AU

10/3Tura New Arts, Perth, AU

3/3 MIUC, Melbourne, AU

25/2 w/ DJ Wèi Wáng 味王 - Greater Forms #2 @ 23 Music Room, Taipei, TW