Yasmin Williams

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With a compositional style that’s relaxing as well as inventive, acoustic fingerstyle guitarist Yasmin Williams specializes in lap tapping, a technique that involves playing the guitar with both hands over the fretboard as it rests face-up on the player’s lap. Incorporating tapped harmonics, bowing, percussive strikes, alternative tunings, and even tap shoes into her sound, she landed on the Billboard Heatseekers chart with her debut album, 2018′s Unwind. Hailing from Woodbridge, Virginia, Williams became interested in the guitar after playing the video game Guitar Hero 2 as a preteen. She soon received an electric guitar and amplifier as a gift and started teaching herself to play by ear. A few years later, she added 12-string, classical, and bass guitar to her repertoire, eventually focusing on acoustic guitar. She released a self-recorded EP, 2012′s Serendipity, when she was still in high school. Williams went on to study music theory and composition at New York University, winning their annual student talent competition, UltraViolet Live!, as a freshman. In the process, she performed to a sold-out Skirball Center. She completed her Bachelor of Music in May of 2018, the same month she self-released her debut LP, Unwind. Williams was featured on NPR’s Weekend Edition a month later, and Unwind reached number 15 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart that July. ~ Marcy Donelson