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Kemaul M. Martin, professionally known as Yaksta, is a popular reggae/dancehall artist from St Mary, Jamaica. He became a global inspiration when his hit singles ‘Humans’ and 'Ambition', singled him out as one of the new breed of artistes that emerged with added strength during the pandemic lockdown. Yaksta has since followed up with a string of releases, including 'Assets (Fowl Coop)', ‘That Time Again’, 'Fete Life', 'Hype & Bruk', 'See and Know', 'Free My People' and many more songs that have rapidly grown his global fan base. Yaksta's songs continue to please, encourage and empower youths to be happy, productive and in control of their lives.

Yaksta is represented by WussMuzikk (USA) and Runabeat Music (UK). He has made big moves in the industry since his entry into the music scene in 2016 with popular singles such as ‘Above the Ground Floor’, ‘Jah Jah Never Sleeps’, ‘For Sale’ and ‘Stoic Torture’ (EP). He first experienced going viral in 2017 with ‘Home’, which quickly gained over 1 million video views at a time when he had very little industry experience. He remarkably followed through with ‘Boogie Woogie’, a big song for live performances and a firm favourite in his catalogue of music, along with ‘St Mary’, another crowd favorite. Of late Yaksta is seeking to expand in all markets with collabs that challenge his creative versatility. 

In his childhood days, Yaskta was continually drawn towards music projects as opposed to studies and he tried brief job stints (including running his own business selling clothes), until he finally decided that a full-time music career was the only way for him to go. He proudly states “I am music incarnate and I’ve given up on avoiding my destiny.”

Yaksta goes really hard in his two latest releases, “Outside Again” and “Money Talk”. The dancehall fan base, as well as his wider audience, have created a real buzz around these latest releases on all social platforms. During an invitation to the Jamaican Parliament in March 2022, Yaksta watched the Prime Minister sing his ‘Ambition’ song lyrics during a live Parliamentary session, followed by applause from the government ministers in attendance. He is now their motivational face for youth enterprise and inspiration. Yaksta’s career is now set to explode.

Team Yaksta sincerely thanks you all for your continued support.