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Canadian MC Wordburglar takes his cues from the quirky, yet artistic, eccentricities of rappers Buck 65 and Kool Keith, frequently alluding to his love of comic books, video games, and old cartoons. Wordburglar, born Sean Jordan in Halifax, Nova Scotia, began his rap career after moving to Toronto around 2002, even though his Halifax hometown had begun developing into a hotbed for independent hip-hop artists since the late ’90s. This was shown by Hand’Solo Records’ Halifax-heavy Bassments of Badmen compilation, one of Wordburglar’s favorite records. After pressing his self-titled debut album in 2003 back when he was known as SJ the Wordburglar, he submitted to Hand’Solo the track “Wordburglar” for placement on the second edition, Bassments of Badmen, Vol. 2, also released in 2003. It didn’t take much time for the rhyming comedian to seal a record deal with the Halifax-based label. Hand’Solo, partnered with the Toronto’s UrbNet Records, delivered his second solo effort, Burglaritis, in August 2006. Long-time friend and collaborator Beat Mason took on most of the LP’s production duties, but Wordburglar looked outside his familiar circles to get L.A. Symphony’s Pigeon John to team up on “Breeze.” ~ Cyril Cordor

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