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Hailing from Belton, Texas, Willy Beats first burst onto the underground Hip-Hop scene in late 2019 as an independent producer and artist. With less than 2 years in the game and over 85 releases, he has made a heavy push to grow his catalog. Throughout his short yet very efficient stint, he has released a series of tapes called “Weekly Beats” with a new instrumental beat released every single week for 73 weeks straight. His relentless efforts show his willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed in the music industry all while doing it his way and never compromising himself in the process.

Nuthin’ But Music is a record label and concept created in 2019 by producer, artist, and entrepreneur, Willy Beats. The name of the label conceptualizes keeping everything about the music while leveraging yourself every step of the way to build economic and entrepreneurial self-sufficiency. The label’s focus is centered around independence, ownership, creative control, and knowledge within the music industry business, all while avoiding outdated and over exploited “industry standard” bullshit at all times. The Label is overseen by Willy Beats who handles the in-house operations. This alone shows Willy Beats’ emphasis on self-sufficiency in the game, while maintaining a hand in every process along the way. The label prides itself on its foresight, playing the long game and developing artist to become durable while maintaining career longevity.

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