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Hailing from Richmond, VA, emerges Weezy Pacino, the rising emcee from the
Nation's fastest-growing independent record label, Don't Fold Entertainment. The Richmond, VA-based artist has endured more than his fair share of hardships. Growing up in the concrete jungles known as South Richmond, A young Weezy Pacino grew up during tough times, which naturally made him a tough person. Living in the ghetto while your family is fighting
demons connected to addictions and your friends are battling to stay alive and get to the top will change a young man. Not asking to be rescued and not wanting any handouts, Weezy Pacino began hustling and taking whatever
chances he needed to change his surroundings; it was on those mean streets that Weezy Pacino developed a love and passion for music. It wasn't long after that Weezy Pacino started writing rhymes and later recording them in
a studio. Those songs earned the attention of Don't Fold Entertainment, and the rest is, as they say, History!
Stay tuned for more music, videos, and merchandise, as Weezy Pacino and the DFE Crew prepare to release several tracks in the coming year, along with a yet-to-be-titled ep. This camp is doing what it takes to get their artist
to the world. Check back often for updates, releases, tour dates, and more.
Booking/Contact dntfoldceo@gmail.com | https://linktr.ee/WeezyPacino