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When they first appeared on the commercial pop landscape back in 1994, it wasn't without a fair amount of derision from the indie rock cognoscenti. After all, these guys were copping the indie rock style, using the same pop culture references and the same hooks, but putting it out on a major label with no grassroots support behind them. They had no "cred," as it were. Where did Weezer come from anyway? The answer is: nowhere. Rivers Cuomo founded the band as an outlet for his love of Van Halen, Cheap Trick and Kiss just a year before getting signed. The group was quickly thrust into the spotlight following the mad rush of Nirvana's success, and suddenly "Buddy Holly" and "Undone" were radio hits. The allure of this gaggle of power pop-loving kids with huge amps and no real star appeal wasn't lost on a generation of geeky punks. In the five years between Pinkerton and the band's self-titled 2001 album, they had become somewhat of a phenomenon; their influence began to slowly dominate commercial alt-rock radio. With their ability to craft arena-ready guitar pop that transcends mawkishness or trendy aggression, Weezer remain one of the bright lights on the Top 40 landscape.