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About this artist

Vinnie Jinn is a music producer, MC and multi instrumentalist from the seaside based town Kolobrzeg in Poland.
Vinnie JiNn has been making music for the last 15 years and has been behind many hits which pioneered a style within the genre he has created. After 15 years in the underground stage, Vinnie JiNn becomes a new-age rising star bringing to the surface his vibrant music portfolio.
His hardly classified music is a combination of alternative versions of the electronic music styles as Breabeat, Trip-Hop, Deep House, Chillstep, Club, Drum and Bass, Acid Jazz and also Ambient, Industrial, Hip-Hop, New Age, World and many others. His is also music producer for film industry and have produced many jingles and movie themes for commercials and short films for visual creative studios as or
He has gained a respect among other artists, who shown interest and invited him into past and future project collaborations.
Over the years he has collaborated and been remixed by the great artists in the genre such as Monomotive and Ola Siemieniuk, Kolokos Crew or UK singer Olah Bliss. Vinnie Jinn also has a music project together with Monomotive, Polish music producer known from “Koldfusion” project.
Vinnie Jinn currently works also on his 2 new and exciting albums due to be released in 2017 and 2018.
He is a passionate artist who puts his heart into his projects. If you want to know him better just listen to his tunes. One of his lyrics say “They are all a part of my soul and my lyrics are my confession”. Every album during Vinnie Jinn's career is a reflection of his life experience and therefore differs in style, emotions and shows diversity of his creativity.
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