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Australia’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic is the solo project of ambient electronic singer/songwriter Tim Bettinson. He first gained attention for his 2013 song “Vapour” before issuing his full-length debut, Revival, in 2016. Born in 1996, Bettinson grew up in Brisbane listening to his father’s classic Fleetwood Mac and Eagles records before discovering more modern artists like Bon Iver and Sigur Rós in his teens. Inspired, he began writing his own songs, recording with a keyboard and computer. In 2013, he uploaded the song “Vapour” online, and it caught on, drawing thousands of plays. A follow-up EP, Winter, also garnered considerable attention, and by 2014 Bettinson had begun playing live shows, including making an appearance at Austin’s SXSW festival. In 2016, Bettinson delivered Vancouver Sleep Clinic’s full-length debut, Revival, on Sony. Following the album’s release, Bettinson became embroiled in a legal battle over his contract with Sony. He eventually cut ties with the label and spent time rethinking his creative direction. In 2018, he returned with the EPs Therapy Phase 01, featuring the single “Closer,” and Therapy Phase 02. A sophomore full-length album, Onwards to Zion, arrived in October 2019. ~ Matt Collar