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The solo project of Warpaint guitarist Theresa Wayman, TT sounded similar to her main band but featured lo-fi electronics and more personal lyrics on releases such as 2018′s LoveLaws. In 2015, Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg became the first of the band’s members to launch a solo career, with her album Right On! Following the 2016 release of Warpaint’s third album Heads Up, Wayman decided the time was right to follow suit. Recording in her home studio in L.A., London, and on the road, she co-produced the album with Dan Carey and her brother Ivan. Members of Warpaint contributed, as did Beastie Boys keyboardist Money Mark, but Wayman played almost everything on the record herself. The resulting album, LoveLaws, released in 2018, retained some of Warpaint’s dark, psychedelic menace, but had a more lo-fi, electronic sound, while the lyrical subject matter was more personal, touching on Wayman’s experience of motherhood. ~ John D. Buchanan