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Hungarian punk band that later turned into psychedelic sound exploration (psychedelia–folk–groove–electronica) from Budapest, formed in 1985, on the road since 1989.

Line-up since 2013:

Fekete Irén alias Inci – electric violin

Tamás Rupaszov alias Rupasoff – bass and electronic sounds

Almási Krisztián – drums

Ex-members (a-z):

Asztalos Ildiko - vocals

Baki László - flute

Broder Ferenc alias Broci - bass guitar

Csaba (3) Ákos - drums, percussion

Csík István alias Pisti - drums, percussion

Dobó Edit (8) - trumpet, vocals

Horváth Endre alias Endriske - guitar, vocals

Kakuszi György alias Kaktusz - guitar, keyboards, vocals

Kardos Rita - saxophone, keyboards

Madár András - drums, percussion

Mátéffy Szabolcs alias Szabi - guitar

Mihalics Gábor - drums

Nagy Péter alias Garfield (14) – drums

Neukum Nóra - violin

Orosz Csaba alias Csabi - drums, percussion

Orosz Sándor - drums

Papp Dani - drums

Puskás István alias Pusi - guitar, synth

Sidoó Béla alias Fidó - guitar

Szabados Györgyi - violin, vocals

Szedő Szilvi - cello

Szűcs László - drums

Todd G. Williams - violin, vocals

Vastag László alias Auschwitz (4) - drums

Zsidel Miklós alias Miki (45) - drums

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