Trayvick from the EASTSIDE

Hip Hop artist Trayvick, a Columbus native, has steadily grown his reputation for delivering the brash and harsh realities that exists in the community he represents through his music. Often times you can catch him telling stories, giving raw, and diverse perspectives. Tray always brings a different type of groove with his live band when performing to captivate his audience. He consistently incorporates a variety of sounds from his eccentric catalog of musical influences. His influences ranges from artists like Tupac and Jay-Z all the way to Lenny Williams and Al Green. Dating back to 2014, Trayvick has swept the Atlanta hip hop scene with his passion filled verses, energetic hooks , and vocal harmonies. With experience in the Atlanta Hip Hop scene he has earned opportunities to perform in some of the most critically acclaimed Hip Hop festivals such as SXSW and A3C. Trayvick has shared the stage with underground legends like Starlito and Scotty ATL. With Trayvick coming off of his third independent release "EASTSIDE WHITE HOUSE" him and the team are currently working to bring his fans new and engaging content.