Toro y Moi

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It might be hard to believe that Toro Y Moi is just one person: South Carolina's Chazwick Bundick, to be precise. Not just because of the "and" in his alias, but because Bundick's productions so often sound like full-band affairs, filtering a tantalizing fusion of psychedelic indie rock and disco through carefully honed electronic beats and effects. Toro Y Moi first came to attention in 2010, when a pair of albums for Carpark Records found him slotted alongside chillwave artists like Washed Out and Neon Indian. Causers of This, his debut album, is more noticeably "electronic" than its follow-up, with plenty of squelchy synthesizer funk and hip-hop drum breaks. But 2011's Underneath the Pine finds Bundick growing as both a songwriter and an arranger, as he crafts tidy psyche-pop gems indebted to early Brian Eno, The Sea and Cake and Animal Collective, with beats that range from Krautrock chug to disco glide.

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