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Billboard charting Hip-Hop Artist and political TikTok star, Christopher “Topher” Townsend is dedicated to seeking solutions to a brighter future for the entire citizenry. A native of Mississippi Delta, Topher is making a huge difference in the music industry with his unconventional music style. Topher ventured into politics in November 2019, having discovered his passion for empowerment and fostering positive growth in the society. Transitioning into the political sector has been a remarkable journey for him as it provides him the opportunity to serve people.

Topher uses politics as a platform to eradicate the traditional paradigm of biased information and rumors. A natural leader, he seeks to make amends to failing political systems, thereby bringing stability to the people. Topher also draws from his love for seeing people entertained to restoring hope to them with his capability. He is passionate about giving back to the local communities and strives to create opportunities where people can thrive socially and economically. Topher’s political career holds tremendous promises for both him and his people.

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