Timothy W. Webb

About this artist

Located on a wash with Route 66 in the distance, Tin Can Music Studio is an isolated “woodshed" where I create original songs. It is an artful place where funky meets technology, allowing me to hone my field recordings of nature and desert/train sounds, then blend them into organic music.
Always a live-gig drummer, most people don’t realize I play other instruments. Playing percussion is innate. My vintage steel drum is unique. Picking the acoustic guitar is a blast. But sitting down at the piano to craft new tunes and revamp old ones fills my soul and passion for music!
Finally, with extreme gratification, I’ve crafted the 66 Ways to Roadtrip album featuring sixteen multi-genre pieces of art for the world to hear.
‘Turn it up and drive’ and stay tuned for more to come. - Timothy W. Webb