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Italian rock band Timoria made its live debut in the mid-’80s as an opening act for British Wire at Milan’s Prego Club. After making a contribution to Amnesty International with an antiwar-oriented song called “Signorno,” Timoria’s EP Macchine E Dollari was issued, followed by the band’s first album Colori Che Esplondoro, produced by Litfiba’s bassist Gianni Maroccolo in 1990. Soon the group participated in San Remo’s Festival with “L’uomo Che Ride,” releasing Ritmo E Dolore in March of 1991, followed by 1992′s Storie Per Vivere and 1993′s Viaggio Senza Vento. They played at Sonoria’s Festival that same year, along with Whitesnake and Aerosmith. In February of 2001, Timoria released El Topo Grand Hotel. ~ Drago Bonacich