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The Static Dive drops a new sound on 2024. The experimental multi-instrumentalist (aka blogger/musician Bob Smith) closed last year with his most adventurous and most successful release to date. The six-song Latin Jazz/lounge EP 'Bluelight Sessions, Vol. 1' is still getting airplay on terrestrial and online stations around the globe.

Smith is introducing a brand new parallel sonic experiment with his latest release. While noodling on piano in-between sessions for 'Bluelight Vol 2', the multi-instrumentalist (almost accidentally) composed a series of downtempo ambient instrumentals. Soon, a new EP began to take shape.

"Englewood" is the brand new single and video from The Static Dive's forthcoming EP, Twilight Vibes, Vol. 1 on House of Static Records. Named for the city of the composer's birth and released on his birthday, “Englewood” is a dream of hope, melancholy, and wistful nostalgia. Ambient piano chords ride a laid-back trip-hop groove as ethereal keys paint an ethereal backdrop for Smith's atmospheric guitar.

Accompanying the single is a stunning original music video, shot and directed by Richard "Ryemachine" Wylie of Faceship Aerial Videography. The song was composed, performed, and produced by Bob Smith, mixed and mastered by Kilo House for House of Static Records. Original artwork by Lela Smith (@50stressballs).

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