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Maestro Taras Kutsenko ( the stage name is Terry Heimat) is a native of Ukraine. He currently resides in China where he is the professor and the conductor of the local orchestra.

Terry is a graduate of the most prestigious and elite universities and conservatories of music including the Moscow School of Musical Performance and Composition (Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory), the Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) School of Conducting, the Kharkiv National University of Arts, the New York Film Academy, and the California Berkeley School of Sound Engineering.

Terry Heimat is the winner of numerous video and music awards such as the Global Music Awards, Seagull Award (CHAIKA), BLASTOFF, Los Angeles Silver Mask, Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards, New Media Film Awards, Palm Beach International Music Awards, Paris Film Awards, Munich Film Awards, Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards.

Terry Heimat is a member of the Artists' International Association, and is the recipient of the Order of the "World Cultural Diplomacy".

He is closely working with the creative producer Dr. Alex Sino

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