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"The Icelandic music producer named Swendal will be released on AmaCreedO Records in 24. March 2012. His EP will be contain a 7 multigenre electronic music from light downtempo, ambient-dupstep via trip-hop to various experiments up to light dancing sub-styles tracks.
In Iceland is a bit cut off from Europe as a whole, but a live there great artists such as group Voces Thules or as The Sugarcubes, but also big names like singers for example, Bjork, Emiliana Torrini and Sigur Rós etc..
It also has a unique concept Swendal, and his music production is north feel to know that music and that means it can generate by heart and feelings.
Short days and low sun makes the population of Iceland is still something to create and therefore arise in this fabulous country such a unique cultural values that form of music can give to all artists his way."
AmaCreedo Records "11"