Swavatar Jack

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About this artist

Swavatar Jack is not your typical hip-hop artist. Like most rap artist, he got his start in music by battle rapping in his high school lunch room and in the streets. That is where the similarities end. Determined to break the mold, Swavatar Jack lives by his own set of rules. And thus, Fevaswav was born. Feavaswav is a movement. It’s the way you live your life. It’s about family. It’s about music.
Swavatar Jack’s musical inspiration comes from the greats such as 2Pac, Bone Thugs in Harmony, and listening to R&B and Soul. Since he writes his own lyrics, his personal experiences flow into the words spreading encouragement, fun, motivation, love, and appreciation of the opposite sex. His goal is to have his messages passed to anyone who will listen, young or old because good music will always bring people together.
Though born and raised between Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem, his style is not just about that Northern flow. Having lived in Miami, and currently residing in Atlanta, his style has also been influenced by the dirty south and spiced with a hot Miami twist. Because of his diversity, every song he records has a different flavor; no two are ever the same. Add to the fact Swavatar Jack co-produces many of his beats, often writing lyrics by following where the beat takes him, and you have an artist to be reckoned with. A seasoned performer with experience in show cases and open mic nights up and down the east coast, Swavatar Jack knows how to entertain an audience. Now it’s time to bring his style to the world.