Stevie Wonder

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About this artist

At any given hour, on any college campus anywhere, it is possible to hear "Superstition" blaring out of a fresh-faced funk newcomer's dorm room. Despite other artists' attempts at appropriating his style, Wonder is undoubtedly one of the most individual and astounding songwriters of our time, composing on such a grand scale that albums flow with harmonious ease, incorporating jazz, reggae, fusion, rock, funk and soul. He may have seemed like just a singles artist when performing his Motown hits during his teens, but on albums like Talking Book, Innervisions and Songs in the Key of Life Wonder proved to be a complex and complete artist, painting colorful political, spiritual and soulful journeys with a variety of guest artists and his own multi-instrumental skills. His voice, harmonica and keyboards are as instantly recognizable as his trademark sway, able to make you laugh and boogie with joy, or cry over the unbridled emotion of his compositions. In late 2005, he released A Time To Love, his first new album in ten years. It was praised by critics and fans alike, further cementing his status as a musical legend who still has more magic to share.