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Comprised of members Sieun, Isa, Yoon, J., Sumin, and Seeun, South Korean girl group STAYC (โ€œStar to a Young Cultureโ€) was put together by High Up Entertainment in November 2020. After landing at number six on the Korean charts with their debut single album, Star to a Young Culture, the group climbed to the number two spot with their first EP, 2021โ€ฒs Stereotype. A year later, they hit number one with the YOUNG-LUV.COM EP.
Known prior to their debut simply as the โ€œHigh Up Girls,โ€ STAYC was formed by production duo Black Eyed Pilseung and their company, High Up Entertainment, during the late stages of the 2010s. With well-known actress Park Si-eun (aka Sieun) announced as their first member, the six-piece debuted in November 2020 with Star to a Young Culture, their debut single album, preceded by the multi-million-view โ€œSo Bad.โ€ After a series of promotional performances and music show appearances, the group soon released their second single album, Staydom, in April 2021. The projectโ€™s lead single, โ€œASAP,โ€ racked up 20 million views in just nine days. In September of that year, the group charted at number two on the Korean charts with their debut EP, Stereotype, which was preceded by the titular lead single. A second EP, YOUNG-LUV.COM, arrived in February 2022 and fared even better, topping the Gaon Album chart. ~ David Crone