Spikey Vybz

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About this artist

Hailing from the Caribbean island of Grenada, Spikey Vybz is a singer/songwriter who celebrates the myriad musical cultures of soca, dancehall, reggae, and rap. A member of the soca duo SXZ, he has also released a handful of solo singles for the Kingzmen label including 2021′s “Jab Anthem (Move)” and 2022′s “Make You Mine.”
Growing up in Grenada, Vybz’s singing talent was nurtured by a musical family who encouraged him to pursue his musical ambitions. Inspired by the island’s calypso and dancehall heritage as well as its more contemporary rap and pop strains, he teamed up with fellow singer and DJ Zahfary in 2018 to form the duo SXZ. Beginning in 2020, Vybz began releasing solo music on the Kingzmen label. Songs like 2020′s “Just as Bad (J.A.B.)” and “Whine Pon It” were followed over the next year by “Jab Anthem (Move),” “Leggo de Mas,” and “Make You Mine.” ~ Timothy Monger