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Ian Slider, also known as Space Laces, is an electronic dance music producer who enjoys dabbling in many different genres such as dubstep, electro, house, trance, and drum 'n' bass. Slider first produced under the name cornandbeans. He shared his music on the forums of a then-popular This alias was later abandoned in 2008. In the early 2010s, Slider would assume the name Space Laces.

Space Laces has since become a household name. He has gained a significant following and received praise from such bass music legends as Excision, Downlink, Bro Safari, Noisia, and Figure. His first official release as Space Laces, 'Deep Space' (Houserecordings), was uploaded on SoundCloud and later received an official release. This early work showed Slider's musical chops. Later he would give his twist to Figure's 'Torture' (Idiot House).

Space Laces gained more popularity after his remix of 'X Rated', which was featured on Excision's remix album 'X Rated Remixes' (mau5trap).

Unfortunately, disaster struck this up-and-coming producer. After years of work, Ian lost all of his music in a horrific hard drive crash. Seemingly his work could not be salvaged.

In 2014, still recovering from the loss of his work, he was recruited for the Destroid Project along with Excision and Downlink. Slider was featured in 5 separate tracks on the 'Destroid - The Invasion' (Destroid Music) album, which was well received. This year would be the year of Excision collaborations as a stand-alone single for the Destroid saga called 'Get Stupid' (Destroid Music) was released. Space Laces, upon many a fan's request, was able to fully finish his tune 'Digital Gangsta' (Rottun Recordings), a long-awaited track, thought to have been lost in the hard drive crash. Finishing out the year with another piece of music, Ian unexpectedly teased a tune years in the making. The track was named 'Dungeons and Dragons' (Self-Released) and was later given a free release via SoundCloud.

2015 brought yet another collaboration with Excision entitled 'Push It Up' (Rottun Recordings). After almost 2 years, the infamous SoundCloud teaser for 'Say It Ain't So' (Self-Released) was made public. Ian claimed he would give away to tune for free at 50K likes on his Facebook page. The tune was later released for free via SoundCloud.

In 2016, Space Laces was officially signed onto the legendary label Never Say Die and NSD: Black Label. Soon after, 'Bugbass' was released on the Black Label XXL compilation. Originally titled 'bugbass_98' was the finished product of a demo leaked by Ian himself on the wizard of balls SoundCloud, along with other minute-long demos. The same year saw the release of a highly anticipated collab between Space Laces and Excision, 'Throwin' Elbows' (Rottun Recordings).

2017 finally saw the release of another highly anticipated Space Laces collab with Snails. 'Break it Down' (OWSLA), then only labeled an ID, had been in circulation since 2015. The two highly ambitious producers had every intention of finishing it, but schedules would not allow it until July two years after the song's conception was teased. 'Cruise Control' (Never Say Die Records) would also be included in the 'NSD Vol. 5' compilation.

Alas, 2018 and the years following would bring a miracle. A reasonably steady supply of Space Laces material - both new and old. This year saw the release of the very first Space Laces EP 'Overdrive' (Never Say Die Records). Complete with six tracks including a collab with Getter and a remix of Cruise Control from IVORY. The release of this EP was truly a pivotal moment in bass music history.

Since Slider's first NSD EP, he has gone on to release mini-mixes of old tunes, some of which were thought to be lost in the hard drive crash. These all original mixes have assumed the name 'Vaultage' (Never Say Die Records) of which there are three volumes. Amid this, a remix album for Overdrive, the odd single, and another EP 'High Vaultage' (Never Say Die Records) Space Laces has managed to define creativity and set the industry standard for exceptionally made heavy music.

Thus chronicles the humble beginnings of Space Laces, every bit of a decade in the making. Listeners can only hope there will be more to come!

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Space Laces
the wizard of balls