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The band formed in Béziers, France, in 1991. At the end of the same year, they decided to drive up north to Rennes, a French city known for its rock scene, where they slowly spun their web. Right after the release of the EP Fuse, they started to play in bigger venues like l’Ubu in Rennes and other important clubs. They rapidly got off the ground and they chose to work with Steve Albini for their coming album, Plug. John Peel noticed them at that time and invited them to his radio show. The same year, while playing opening for Brick Layer Cake and Shellac, they were seen on stage by PJ Harvey, who wanted them to tour with her. In 1996, Sloy came back with a second album, Planet of Tubes. This time, the popular media started to notice them; they were seen on TV and in national magazines. For the first time, a French indie rock band is on their way to being recognized by a large fringe. But, finally, they never got the recognition the could have had, even with the musical change that occurred in the last album, Electrelite. The alchemy did not work: the fans were deceived by it and it was still too hard to listen for the neophytes. Despite a big tour, it smelled like the end of the band. They split two years after. ~ Romain Guillou