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Kyle Collins faced adversity at an early age in life after the disappearance of his mother. With his father not around he was taken in by his grandparents where he would develop into the man he is today. At a very young age he came to the realization that he was different and unique. At the age of 13, he spent a night at his cousins house who happened to be a rapper and witnessed his first studio session, this would change his life forever. graduating at the age of 17, Kyle immersed himself into his music career.After several years of unfulfilling ventures that did not take him in the direction that he saw himself as an artist, Kyle found himself back to square one. Facing difficulty all of his life he used this experience as a stepping stone and not as a road block. Eventually he meet his then manager Irin “Iroc” Daniels who saw the true talent in him. Kyle found this to be the perfect opportunity to project his voice to the public without being forced into conforming his style to the current mainstream music trends . Immediately Kyle quit his job and focused all his energy into his music. His passion for music became stronger than the necessity to live a normal life thus finding himself homeless and eventually living in a make-shift loft above the recording studio. For the next year, Kyle dedicated his every moment to the edification of his craft and the completion of his album as well as his mixtape. His compelling story has shaped Kyle into a strong individual possessing a unique outlook on life. In 2015 Kyle's career began to catapult with the success of his hit single "Light Work" which hit number 1 on the Arizona music charts. Mountain Dew also named Sincerely Collins in the Top 10 rappers to blow up in 2015. Now at the next level in his career, Kyle is dedicated to making music that will transcend though generations to come as he tours the world.