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Sikandar Ka Mandar is a indie folk-rock band based in Karachi. They released their debut, self-titled album in 2013, featuring some sombre and heartfelt tracks like ‘Jo Bhi’ and more upbeat, eclectic ones like ‘Bemisal’. Their sophomore record “36 (CHHATEES)” was released in 2017. Their current line-up consists of Nadir Shehzad on lead vocals; Zahra Paracha and Ali Suhail on backing vocals and guitar; and Raheel Manzar Paul on drums.

The band consists of 4 members:
Nadir Shehzad Khan -- vocals (@nsk-9)
Ali Suhail -- lead guitars, backing vocals (@ali-suhail-2)
Zahra Paracha -- rhythm guitar, mandolin, synth, backing vocals (@zjaroneparacha_411)
Raheel Manzar Paul -- drums (@raheel-manzar)