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Shaadoh Session is everything you'd dream in an Artist. Her style is undeniable, she put her own personal touch to her music. Her sound is angelic according to her steadily growing craze fans! She’s hardworking, resilient, sexy and thus far unstoppable.

Shaadoh is an on the rise star on another level. Compared to artists in her genre (R&B/Soul) she triumph in power, self esteem, confidence, and ego!

What about her art? You may ask. Well it speaks for itself. She writes her own music and sways her audience with smiles and purity. She connects with her audience with each heartfelt song. Shaadoh Session has the potential to become Iconic. Already in under just 2 years of her music career and being signed during the pandemic this young woman has broken barriers and made a name for herself via social media platforms, music platforms and networking.

Her music is airing on Major stations and platforms such as “Hot 97” #1 for Hip Hop/ R&B in New York to name a few. Her song S.W.B.Y surpasses the level and sound of mainstream artist of today with a '90s R&B feel. Her music is bold, fearless and sexy.

It's refreshing to encounter her uniqueness and sweetness in character she makes the perfect next big thing according to multi-platinum Atlanta producers that have worked with artists such as Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey. “Shaadoh Session is a today artist”!

Today her self-titled album and music video S.W.B.Y. is only a test of what she can bring to the table. As an Independent artist she embodies her craft and continues to wow the industry and her fans with her melodic sounds, angelic voice and smooth tones. Shaadoh Session is an Icon in the making, an in demand artist and name to remember.