Sequoyah Murray

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Atlanta native Sequoyah Murray creates an inventive, boundless form of music which blends elements of Afro-pop, gospel, Tropicália, dream pop, soul, and more. Showcasing his rich, deeply resonant voice and creative, hopeful songwriting, he released his full-length debut, Before You Begin, in 2019.

Murray grew up in a musical family, and gained experience in jazz and free improvisation circles. Additionally influenced by his city’s hip-hop scene as well as a variety of global sounds, he began working on his own music, exploring his constant flow of ideas and subsequently arranging the results into abstract pop songs. After earning comparisons to Arthur Russell, Murray signed to Thrill Jockey in 2019. EP Penalties of Love preceded his debut album, Before You Begin, described by the artist as a historical fiction of his own life. ~ Paul Simpson

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