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Whitney-Michael McCloud, known as Sellah is a multi-talented musician born on September 6th 1989, into a travelling Military family. The artist is of Scottish, West Indian and African American descent. He is a proud San Bernardino, California native. Sellah means to be free, the artist does not only communicate freedom in his music but also in his personal life. He feels freedom of self is the purest way to live. His goal is to embody the meaning of his brand effortlessly through everything he finds himself doing.

As an artist, he honors all of his creative avenues through dedication for himself and his work. He feels that: ” when you have true passions there is not really one way to go about them, they eventually just take over you.” It took him 12 years to find a proper structure with everything in his life. He now has a brand management company called Fan Jam, which has allowed his modeling, acting, photography and scouting company to have more direction. He has a business partner and editor-in-chief for his magazine IMMO which has allowed him more space and focus. Sellah commends growing up in a Military home as the foundation for his discipline.

The biggest driving force in Sellah’s journey has been his passions. He asserts that they do not let him sleep! They keep him up! They keep him sad and happy! His passions have shown up as both blessing and curse. Sellah’s grand plan and ultimate vision for his music is to be a global household name, have world tours and make timeless music. He will be and he is already using his platform to help and develop others at the same time. He has stepped foot and lived in a multitude of places namely: Germany, China, Japan, Korea, NY, California, Florida, Finland, London, Singapore, Canada, Nigeria, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Mississippi, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Guam, North Carolina, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Dubai, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Maryland, just to name a few. The artist holds the butterfly motif quite close to his heart, sonically he is now in the metamorphosis phase where he can finally come out of his cocoon and get ready to take flight for what his future holds.