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Sean Michael Williams “Seany-Doo”, born and raised on the south side of Chicago became a huge fan of music at an early age. His mother gave him his first tape cassette player when he was 3. From that point on, Seany-Doo listened, memorized, and sang along with all the songs in his tape collection. During his childhood, his mother’s family gave him the nickname “Seany-Doo” because he loved watching Scooby-Doo. When growing up, Seany-Doo listened to 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, NWA, LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez and many other influential artists on the radio. Their power and influence on the youth inspired Seany-Doo to one day have that same effect on his generation. Seany-Doo started writing music at the age of 8 and began recording music at the age of 12. All throughout his life, Seany-Doo loved to be in the spotlight, especially when performing in his school’s talent shows & theatre productions. To this day, when Seany-Doo takes the stage at local events/showcases, he never experiences stage fright, simply because he loves performing and putting on a great show. His eagerness for performing live, derives from his determination to give the people what they came for and nothing less.

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