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A textbook 1990′s death metal band from Sweden, Linköping’s Seance were never distinctive enough to compete with like-sounding but more inspired contemporaries such as Entombed, At the Gates or Edge of Sanity, but ultimately served as an incubator for important heavy metal bands yet to come. Formed in 1990 and featuring vocalist Johan Ekström, guitarists Tony ‘Toxine’ Kampner and Patrik Jensen, bassist Bino Carlsson, and drummer Micke (a.k.a. Mique), the band recorded a demo called “Levitised Spirit” before signing with homegrown Black Mark Records and issuing two very competent, but not quite unique albums in 1992′s Fornever Laid to Rest and 1994′s Saltrubbed Eyes. They then chose to go their separate ways in order to find greater, individual renown: Jensen, Toxine and Mique all put in time with death metal institution Satanic Slaughter at one point or another, and founded horror-enthusiasts Witchery, to boot, while Jensen also found time to join neo-thrashers The Haunted full time. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia