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As the most successful German musical act ever, Scooter have surpassed Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and the Pet Shop Boys as the highest-ranking group on the German Media Control charts. But whereas those artists create music for mainstream audiences, Scooter's music is all about hardcore techno. At last count, Scooter had enjoyed over 400 weeks on the pop charts by pounding their way into the dancing shoes of the German masses. Driving trance and hardcore dance beats lay devastation wherever they are heard. Indeed, where many of the mid-'90s rave acts have either disbanded or changed their style, Scooter have continued to dominate the German club scene with songs like the sing-along soccer stadium anthem -- featuring British group Status Quo -- "Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)" and their 1994 hit "Hyper Hyper." Scooter's techno party anthems are all about having fun. On stage, the group is known for its punk-rock antics and over-the-top performances that feature fireworks and spectacular stage effects. With over 17 albums and 35 singles, Scooter are far from slowing down.