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Say Yo Feek

About this artist

Say Yo Feek produces music that

fills a void that has been musically

vacant for decades. Born and raised

in Breaux Bridge Louisiana, his

musical career began with his

elementary school band. He initially

joined the band to get closer to the

girls in his school. Ever since then

his music spoke to the ladies, while

speaking on behalf of the men. Say

Yo Feek has a natural talent for

producing music and a strong ear for

perfection. When he joined his local

drill team he quit all extra

curricular activities to focus on the

team and his music. At this point he

met Kool Weather who he later

found out to be his cousin. They

became a musical force always

excelling in their level of talent. In

a necessity to improve his production

skills Say Yo Feek developed his

vocal ability, becoming the smooth,

suave singer he is today. Say Yo Feek

aspires to be a top producer

spreading good music for fans to


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