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~Human Spectrum Records~

Upcoming gigs:
5.-7.7.2019 Metsäkylä Summerfest 2019

Past gigs:
16.6.2019 Alalinnake Summer Dream, Finland
11.6.2019 Hämärä Beach Party, Helsinki, Finland.
6.-9.6.2019 Celebration of Life and Happiness 5th Edition, Finland
26.4.2019 Down the Moles Hole, Helsinki UG, Finland
5.1.2019 Hämäry psy II, Helsinki, Finland
27.08. – 31.08.2015 Psy-Fi, Leuwaarden, Netherlands (as Soul Toilet)

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It all started at the Psy-fi Festival 2015 as a trio called Soul Toilet. Miki, Markus and Henkka were blasting out their live electro-acoustic sounds to the happy festival crowd of the Bazaar area. From this groovy restroom of artistic souls was born the current duo of Miki and Markus – Sarpa Salpa.

The music of Sarpa Salpa is tribute to old goa trance scene, 70s progressive rock legends and British underground psy-dub. They have a long musical background all the way from electric basses to acoustic guitars – both have played in several different bands and Markus learned music from the Finnish Conservatory of Music.

Both of these dudes are also wandering traveller souls and experiencing different cultures is one of the sources of their inspiration in making music. This duo has many possibilities for versatile performance compositions from solo dj-acts to a full band performances.

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