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Born in the federal capital, Islamabad in 1990, Rushk was propelled to a dizzying state of sonic/cerebral frenzy when it's founding member Uns Mufti met Ziyyad Gulzar, multi-instrumentalist producer, in the tumultuous city of Karachi. Together with Nazia Zuberi Hasan on vocals, Sawal, laden with psycho-social commentary failed to secure a release in their home country, at first. Sawal was released worldwide by BMG Crescendo in India, and even won a mention on the soundtrack of a bollywood production while their videos were banned and their music overlooked in their own country.

Fast forward to 2012 and Rushk begins a whole new journey. Ziyyad and Uns remain but are now joined by industry heavy weights, Ali Jafri on bass, Sikandar Mufti on drums, Tara Mahmood, Nazia Zuberi, Abbas Ali Khan, SB all on vocals, musicians and performers from beyond their borders like rapper/wordsmith B Griff and drummer Emma Calle. Rushk is about to release it's second full length album, NAQIS. Watch this space.