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Risham Faiz Bhutta is a singer, songwriter, composer, performer and artist based in Lahore, Pakistan. She started singing as a kid and being a self taught musician she worked her way to establishing a new kind of music and genre which she explains as a mix of cultures.

Risham chooses to fall in no category of music as she persists on creating a kind of her own. Her process of making music starts with a melody, goes to words and ends up on a performance using her body as a medium. The songs are a “diary of her life” as she puts it. Each song explains a journey/experience she went through. Being a painter, she treats her music as her artwork. It goes through layers of processes. She aims to make a mark of change in the industry with her work.

Risham Faiz Bhutta’s music is licensed to Rearts Pvt. Ltd. imprint label rearts records for distribution.

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